Practice Transformation:

Practice Transformation.

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Castell’s practice transformation team partners with physicians and care teams to help them succeed in value-based care. Our experienced operational leaders introduce and optimize practices that drive improvement in quality performance, streamline value-oriented operations, and enhance patient-centered care.

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What We Offer

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Clinic Enablement & Support

  • Actionable tools, resources, and insights to drive the advancement of primary care operations in a fee-for-value model.
  • Proactive, preventative strategies focused on care gap closures, quality, financial improvement, and medical expense management.
  • Evaluation of access and scheduling processes to enable maximum efficiency while improving clinic communication, patient access, and use of alternative visit types.

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Observations & Best Practice Sharing

  • Practice observations with quality improvement and workflow recommendations, as well as support implementing adopted recommendations.
  • Clinic assessments to identify value-based care improvement opportunities including workflow improvements, implementing team-based care with additional and existing team members, improving patient access, and more.
  • Sharing of lessons learned and best practices gained from network providers and care teams.