Why Work With Us:

With Castell,
Everyone Wins.

Improve Outcomes And Reduce Costs.

Castell is a comprehensive solution for providers, payers, and health systems. Castell was created to help accelerate the transition from volume to value-based systems of care, improve outcomes, and make costs more affordable—for everyone.

For Providers

The Castell solution consolidates and manages payer contracts so you don’t have to.

Castell provides a new care delivery model that enables you to achieve value faster.

Castell helps you streamline your practice with one source for near real-time, actionable clinical and claims data, backed with machine learning and powerful analytics.

Castell is backed by highly trained care coordinators and coding and documentation experts to help you improve daily workflow.

For Payers

The Castell Solution helps drive towards sustainable medical expense trends.

Castell supports your network of providers with essential resources needed to deliver value-based care.

Castell offers patients and members an efficient and seamless experience, leading to increased satisfaction.

Castell helps you develop value-based contracts and transition providers into more aligned models.

For Health Systems

The Castell solution helps you reduce fixed costs associated with supporting value-based care.

With Castell, you can reduce physician burnout and enable them to practice medicine the way they were trained and have always wanted to.

Castell gives you a unified data platform for all of your patients and invests in advanced analytics and machine learning—so you don’t have to.

Castell’s highly trained experts will share best-in-class processes and procedures to help further streamline your processes.