For Payers:

For Payers.

Your Strategic Partner

We are your partner to help you achieve your goals of improved quality, reduced cost, and exceptional member experience. To do this, we align financial incentives across the healthcare ecosystem, using data to support every decision. Most importantly, we put the patient at the center of care.

We bring this all together in one comprehensive platform, establishing a population health care delivery system for all stakeholders, payers, patients, and providers.


What We Offer You

We give payers value-based and population health services that transition payment models from fee-for-service to fee-for-value.Benefits include:

  • Sustainable medical expense costs and trends
  • Engaged network of providers with essential resources needed to deliver value-based care
  • Efficient and seamless member experience with access to a care team that includes care coordination
  • Improved outcomes in quality
  • Upstream prevention of chronic conditions

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What We Offer Your Members

We ensure that the care your members receive is personal and easy to navigate.

  • A care team that helps navigate the healthcare system by scheduling appointments, tracking prescriptions, and more
  • Identifying and addressing the full spectrum of an individual’s needs for good health
  • Referrals to specialists that provide high-quality care at a lower cost
  • Care from home for conditions that allow for remote monitoring
  • High-quality and low-cost care provided in a post-acute setting

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Driving Results

Our population health model of care has been proven to substantially improve overall quality of care, outcomes, and patient satisfaction, while also reducing cost.

  • 15% higher average satisfaction
  • 5-15% higher quality scores
  • 4.5% fewer patient ER visits
  • 3.85 lower admission rates