Our Solutions:

The Platform That Helps Your Practice Evolve.

Castell Makes Value-Based Care Easy.

Castell consolidates and manages payer contracts, so you can care for patients based on their health needs—not their insurance situation. With one model to manage, it’s so much simpler to care for patients and run your practice.

Castell Gives You A Roadmap For Success.

Using Castell starts with a comprehensive practice assessment of current operations to understand where you are. Then we help you create a detailed roadmap of how to evolve your practice to succeed in the future of healthcare—without having to hire staff or make disruptive changes in your practice.

Castell Offers State-Of-The-Art Technology And Analytics.

Castell gives you access to near real-time clinical data and the most up-to-date claims data. We will help you unlock the potential of that data through machine learning and powerful analytics. Finally, you can see actionable data in your workflow and streamline your day-to-day with one source of analytics for all your patients.

Castell Gives You Ongoing Support.

Our goal is to help everyone succeed with implementing value-based care. That’s why we offer ongoing support—via highly trained care coordinators and coding and documentation experts—and best practice recommendations to ensure your practice is evolving.